About Us

IOTFI is an IoT platform for data collection, connectivity, analysis, and visualization while deploying secure and end-to-end IoT solutions. It supports deployments in the cloud and on-premises environments and allows device communication using standard IoT protocols. Scalability, extensibility, high performance, fault tolerance, and flexibility are the key strengths of our platform that ensure you never miss a single packet of data.

Who We Are

We are the most reliable and comprehensive IoT solutions provider, offering high degrees of system-wide automation, analysis, and integration for respective user bases. Optimized precision and scope of these domains are what lie at the heart of our solutions correspondingly. To provide accurate data, our system integrates both current and future sensing, networking, and reporting technologies. Its innovative and cutting-edge characteristics will have far-reaching effects on the distribution of products and services and their social, economic, and political implications.

What We Offer

For our IoT system to work properly, our offerings revolve around four distinct segments:

  • Hardware: To begin, a device or sensor collects data from its immediate environment.
  • Connectivity: After being provided, the data is uploaded to the cloud. We link sensors to the cloud using low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN or LoRaWAN).
  • Data Analysis: After that, it undergoes several software-based transformations.
  • User Interface: The data is made visible for the client to act accordingly. This might be a user alert. Users may also have access to a system status interface.

Why Choose Us

Our Internet of Things applications and deployments are as diverse as the businesses and industries we serve. Yet some of our technological implementations are proving more appealing to businesses than others.

They play a significant part in the everyday lives of people everywhere and substantially influence individual homes, workplaces, and other settings around the world.

Our platform's differentiating characteristics include its coverage of the entire range of applications, from monitoring, measurement, and detection to action and execution of automation strategies, its flexibility and scalability that allows horizontal growth in a transparent manner, its web and mobile platforms, its full "end-to-end" IoT use case, its possibility of deployment hosted on client servers, its requirement of no prior experience with Internet of Things, and its ability to be configured without requiring knowledge of programming.

Trusted Services

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24/7 Support

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Real Digital Transformation

IoTFI provides real-time visibility in your facilities, enhances business processes, optimizes resource utilization, and analyzes the implication of your actions on the environment. With highly proven technologies embedded in our platform, its adaptability to new functions is smooth.

Fast, Simple, and Scalable

Designed from the ground up, IoTFI is a fast, simple, and scalable solution that helps you build your own IoT infrastructure. Compatible with a range of devices and sensors, it allows you to integrate them quite conveniently, paving the way for exploiting a range of tools.

Ultimate Positive Impact

Apart from achieving increased productivity, reduced development costs, and greater security from proof of concept, IoTFI can provide real-time information to our customers that help them monitor system behaviors that may otherwise go unnoticed.



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