Assets Management

Asset management is the process of making more money over time by buying, maintaining, and trading investments that have the potential to grow in value. Professionals in asset management do this for other people. Many people work independently, while others work for an investment bank or another type of financial organization.

A pension fund administrator, who is in charge of managing retirement funds, doesn't like to take risks. A person like this must have some countermeasures to ensure a happy and comfortable life. It is for this reason that asset managers are often hired. They facilitate the process of finding funds for the people where there aren't any.

IoTFI uses the progress in IoT technology and provides time solutions for asset management. It reduces the risk in the whole procedure and adds ideal accuracy to its readings. Our IoT-enabled asset management solutions use sensors that let businesses keep track of specific information about their assets without involving a person. You can put these sensors on assets instead of in addition to more traditional asset tags like QR codes.

IoTFI utilizes Lorawan, a wide-area networking protocol, to connect the sensors to the internet. The best characteristics of LoRaWan are its extensive range, low power consumption, and inexpensive connection costs. Additionally, it protects networks and endpoints.

Attaching the sensors to the assets lets them collect data, which is then sent to a cloud platform. Depending on the technology and settings used to send the data, this happens at a certain rate, like every 15 minutes. The data is then analyzed and turned into actionable insights about how assets are used, where they are, what kind of environment they are in, and how they are doing.