CO₂ Module

Carbon dioxide measurements are used in many fields, from agriculture to medicine to the brewing and beverage industries to refrigeration, to monitor combustion activities, atmospheric CO2 emission volumes, indoor air quality, and pulmonary function during medical treatments.

Our CO2 sensor module provides precise readings of the parts per billion range in ambient air. The CO2 environment may be tracked in real-time thanks to the sensor module's architecture.

This air quality sensor is both portable and trustworthy due to its cutting-edge supporting electronics. Moreover, the low-noise electronics make it possible for reliable, precise measurements of very trace amounts of carbon monoxide in the air.

Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology is used in the sensor. These CO2 sensors have been tested in the field and proven stable and dependable over lengthy periods, meaning that it is a great option for outdoor applications that need indicative real-time air quality monitoring.

The CO2 sensor is calibrated using industry-standard calibration gases and equipment. Monitoring smart cities, greenhouse gas emissions, and research projects are all its perfect uses.