Energy & Billing

Energy is the strength or requirement to perform any task. Now, this energy can be in its rawest form and the most refined one. Energy to a layman is electricity that brings forth various advantages. Nevertheless, misuse or overuse of energy can be taxing and burden the company or firm. The solution to this would be to manage this energy using the technology of IoT.

However, energy requirements for IoT devices are particularly high, especially when used in large-scale companies. The energy industry has advanced in real-time monitoring, evaluating energy usage trends, and producing a smart billing structure by utilizing data-driven techniques and IoT-powered applications.

IoTFI offers sophisticated methods for detecting excessive energy use. Tracking a Real-time system performance can be easily achieved with the aid of sensors and gateways. We have developed efficient and low-carbon communication networks. The technology strives for quicker calculations and better decision-making, which aids in the energy sector's transformation into an integrated system that would reduce energy consumption rates and dramatically reduce energy use.

IoTFI utilizes the technology of Lorawan, which is a low-powered wide-area networking protocol developed to connect the sensors to the internet. The finest specialties about LoRaWan are that it has a long-range, uses slight power, and is cheap to attach. Moreover, it enforces security for both the device and the network.

Real-time data capture, cloud-based data storage, practical and intelligent billing, and improved energy consumption patterns are all features of the strategies. Additionally, there are possibilities for enhancing smart meters with more sophisticated monitoring, alerting for thefts or other suspicious activity, and data analytics capabilities. Moreover, smart and quick reactions to outages will also come from the sensors.