Facility Management

Facility management is a professional management field that focuses on the effective and timely delivery of particulars as well as other support systems related to real property. Facilities managers keep an organization’s buildings in good shape and ensure they conform to legal, health, and safety requirements.

IoTFI eases the whole process of facility management by providing an end-to-end solution of IoT devices that collect real-time information about how a building is used, its environment, and its conditions. This machinery gives managers valuable information about the state of their equipment and how well it is working overall.

Lorawan, a low-power, wide-area networking protocol, is utilized by IoTFI to establish an internet connection for the sensors. LoRaWan's best qualities are its extended range, low power consumption, and low connection costs. Additionally, it provides network and endpoint security.

We offer services that block unauthorized users and notice abnormal activity patterns. This includes reducing energy expenses, maximizing workplace capacity and use, and speeding up service requests. Temperature and humidity sensors can keep your inhabitants comfortable without giving them the thermostat. Vibration sensors can warn your facility staff on more important mechanical assets of a failure or performance change. You can also review the obtained data. Let’s put it this way, suppose, If all your pumps have sensors and you notice one produced a weird noise before dying, you can monitor the others for this noise to predict when a replacement is needed.

Embedded sensors enable businesses to improve energy use and achieve carbon neutrality. Heat-resistant sensors detect flames before they release smoke or ash. Entrance sensors track visitors and maintain security. They can also count stock across departments using pressure sensors. Our systems boost efficiency and reduce human response times. It provides data analytics to help management cut wasteful spending.