To provide health care services means using personal health services at the right time to get the best health results possible. When health care services are limited or late, it hurts the use of medical services, the effectiveness of treatments, and overall health. IoTFI is working to improve the whole process with the help of its very own system for healthcare departments.

IoTFI employs the technology of Lorawan, which is a low-powered wide-area networking protocol devised to connect the sensors to the internet. The most prominent features of LoRaWan are that it has a long-range, uses little power, and is cheap to connect. Moreover, it executes security for both the device and the network.

IoTFI allows you to obtain:

By enhancing the patients' health profiles, doctors or nurses may rapidly and effectively collect more health-related data than ever using the service. It analyses the data and produces profound insights into the effects on a person's or a population's health.