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IoT: Stoutest Pillar of Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things, sometimes known as IoT, is present in almost every aspect of our lives, from consumer IoT applications like connected automobiles and smartwatches to robotic lawn mowers. But what about examples of the Internet of Things in industrial settings or smart cities, which might not get much hype yet provide real benefits? You’ll discover a variety of Internet of Things applications in this article. Now, let’s take a look at some concrete examples.

IoT Applications in Smart Cities

The number of smart cities is growing at a rapid rate. There is a rising demand for connected solutions that can assist with the administration of urban infrastructures, such as parking and traffic, the charging of electric vehicles, waste management, data exchange, and safety and security services. There is a strong case for smart city technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) smart city solutions as a response to the challenges posed by urbanization.

Utilities Using Smart Meters to Track Usage:

Costs associated with collecting data from meters are high, and it may be challenging to get data that is accurate to a one hundred percent level for purposes of production and invoicing.
IoT sensors embedded in electricity, water, gas, and heat meters provide accurate data to the supplier, where it is analyzed so that the supplier can monitor consumption in real time.
Understanding consumption and distribution may pave the way for significant cost reductions. In addition, we have improved our ability to identify leaks more rapidly.

Autonomous Pest Control

Getting rid of rodents like rats and mice effectively may be highly expensive in terms of the number of man-hours it takes, which is an issue that plagues both residents and companies.
Manually checking whether the traps have been triggered may account for significant time saved using digital rat traps. The trap alerts the user when a rat has entered the trap or has been in the area around the trap by using a combination of tiny sensors and automated status notifications.
Traps that are driven by the Internet of Things digitize physical labor with the use of tiny sensors and quick notifications. This provides a comprehensive overview of the traps and enhances the capacity to take prompt action against unwanted pests.

Monitoring for Pollution, Noise, and Traffic

The negative effects of noise, smog, and traffic jams on public health also hurt society’s economy. Intelligent sensors that measure anything from pollution and noise levels to the number of vehicles on the roads give important information to improve infrastructure planning. 
These insights may be used to make more informed decisions about improving infrastructure. In terms of the economy and creating a more sanitary and healthier city, urban areas have significant advantages: better environments and more space on their roadways.

Internet of Things Smoke Detectors

When smoke detectors cannot perform their intended functions in a fire, whether because of a dead battery or because no one is there to hear the alarms, the results may be catastrophic.
In the case of a fire, smoke detectors powered by the Internet of Things may interact with one another digitally, allowing for the quickest possible notification of all necessary parties. The smoke, temperature, and battery levels may all be detected by sophisticated sensors.
Digital smoke detectors have the potential to save lives, reduce property damage, and assist businesses in protecting assets that are important to their operations.

Intelligent Road Signs

Signs that fall over on highways and in other areas with traffic can be extremely hazardous, and it can be very costly to manually inspect all signs in their proper locations.
When installed during roadworks or other locations, internet-connected road signs may help save significant time that would otherwise be spent physically checking to see whether the signs are standing straight as they should be. Service professionals drive out to the signs that truly need maintenance and inspect them using intelligent tilt sensors and a digital monitoring platform.
Suppose a sign is equipped with an NB-IoT (Narrowband-IoT) tracker. In that case, it will be able to send an alert to the appropriate parties if it is tipped over or moved in any other manner.

IoT Applications in Industries:

Let’s explore a couple of business-to-business use cases that illustrate how companies use IoT to reduce costs by cutting the number of working hours, minimizing the amount of time production and machines idle, and preventing the unnecessary waste of costly technology.

Cutting Down on Production Site Downtime

A significant amount of money might be lost due to production site downtime, for example, if the assembly line requires maintenance or components need to be replaced.
You will be able to gather crucial data on machine use and get the machines to alert you far in advance of when they will need servicing if you place trackers on the most vital production units.
Through improved maintenance planning, IoT sensors and predictive maintenance may significantly reduce downtime and generate significant cost savings.

Monitoring Construction Site Machinery and Equipment

Expenses can add up on a construction site whenever there is downtime, such as when excavators need repair or equipment go missing from the site.
There has been a significant reduction in the number of tools on building sites. At the same time, it is quite expensive for the contractor, both in terms of the expense of buying new equipment and the amount of time wasted due to personnel seeking the tools. When an Internet of Things device is installed in a tool, such as a screwdriver or an angle grinder, the item may be programmed to transmit an alert if it is no longer present.
Tools and other equipment can always be monitored and located with the help of trackers connected to the Internet of Things. In addition, sensors provide data on consumption that may be included in maintenance programs to improve their effectiveness.

Efficient Logistics with the Use of Intelligent Containers

It is expensive and wasteful for suppliers if they drive around in trucks that are only partially full or cannot deliver because they do not have enough inventory.
IoT enables providers to install smart sensors in their containers, allowing the containers to be continuously followed through the value chain and automatically notified upon fill-level data.
The digitization of containers, such as those used to store chemicals or water, allows the supplier to deliver new services while streamlining their inventory management and logistical operations.

Roller Cage Information Obtained Through Digital Tracking

When companies’ assets, such as pallets and roller cages, go missing during shipping or are left idle at a warehouse, the companies end up wasting resources that were previously employed to handle such assets. Several businesses use a significant number of roller cages when moving items between clients and suppliers. It is sometimes challenging to ascertain both the location of the assets and the quantity of those in the organization’s possession.
You will always be able to know the assets’ position and their state if you attach battery-operated trackers of a modest size directly to them. Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets and GPS trackers are installed in roller cages to keep track of their whereabouts. Meanwhile, devices send data to personnel through a communication protocol to warn them when a roller cage is removed from the route. In this method, roller cages may be properly recovered whenever needed.


Innovative companies and consumers are coming up with novel approaches to capitalize on the potential of the Internet of Things and disrupt industries and conventional business strategies. As part of the effort that we make every day to provide IoT Hardware, Connectivity, Cloud, and Visualization services, we have compiled a list of the best real-world examples of the Internet of Things, together with particular use cases, so that you may draw inspiration from them.
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