Manufacturing process management is a group of technologies and methods that are used to plan how things are made. Manufacturing managers plan, schedule, and oversee equipment layout and materials flow to ensure they work well together.

IoTFI introduces services that assist manufacturing by handling unusual disruptions and increasing production and efficiency while making factories safer for front-line employees using its system.

The devices feature a range of sensors that can track a variety of parameters, including temperature, moisture, CO2 level, motion detection, vibration, humidity level, power consumption and whatnot. As a result, these sensors can trigger early warning signals of any anticipated faults, making the workplace safer and encouraging quality advancements in subsequent items. Inventory positions are managed at the asset level in the connected supply chain.

Lorawan, which IoTFI uses, is a low-power wide-area networking protocol that connects sensors to the internet. LoRaWan is great because it has a long-range, doesn't use much power, and is cheap to connect. It also makes sure that both the device and the network are safe.

Additionally, you gain better access to the actual inventory across the intricate logistical network. These sensors record information on product characteristics and other variables and can also track the health and utilization of equipment, which aids in performance evaluation. Managers can track maintenance and fuel costs, and eventually, you can increase your employees' safety. Furthermore, IoTFI can also reduce inventory damage and insurance cost significantly.