Modbus Module

The Modbus protocol is popular for communication in the automation industry because it is easy to implement. Our sensors connected with Modbus avoid the loss of measurement accuracy that would otherwise occur due to lengthy connections between the sensor and the controller.

Besides, complicated devices such as heat pumps, air conditioning units, complete HVAC systems, and so on, are all capable of being linked to Modbus controllers. As a result, there is connectivity between the systems and the sensors. The temperature, humidity, air quality, and pressure are just a few things our Modbus sensor can monitor.

The Modbus protocol may also be downloaded for free at any time, and no further license charges are associated with using it in any capacity. Accuracy is the most significant benefit compared to ordinary sensors, which typically have output values of either 0-10V or 4-20mA. The sent data is always correct and may be transferred in vast quantities.

Consequently, our Modbus module or sensor is one of the most sought-after, dependable, and standard products in modern buildings' management systems and optimization procedures.