Temperature & Humidity

Intelligent systems and industrial applications rely on temperature and humidity detection. Individual sensing is frequently massive, power-hungry, and expensive. Using our services, however, you may get a monolithically integrated temperature and humidity sensor with a broad range, high accuracy, and rapid response, just as necessary to fulfill various needs.

The temperature and humidity sensor can detect and transform temperature and humidity into electrical impulses. A humidity-sensitive capacitor and a conversion circuit are the two primary components of the temperature and humidity sensor module.

Our temperature humidity transmitters quantify the amount of relative humidity and temperature in the air, convert this data into electrical signals per certain rules, and then output the device to the indicator or software to fulfill the environmental monitoring requirements of users.

Our sensor uses a large-sized LCD screen and keys and a high-quality integrated temperature and humidity sensor module. This module has a high measurement accuracy and a strong ability to prevent interference, guaranteeing the product's excellent measurement performance.